My Dream

Anemouli Calliope is my name and my desire is to make this name, identical to the enhancement of women’s substance. My dream is to manage the art and my technique to project the hidden radiance of every woman, in the most important moments of her life.

In a space that was constructed at the beginning of the century and renovated to reflect a time of romance and love, welcome the candidate women who want to dream something unique. In my atelier, is a space inside the magic of style transformed into clothing sur mesure.

As each person is unique, so the clothes that are just for them, have the ability to unroll and to highlight the most stylish points. Especially for women who wish to gain an unrepeatable of my clothing, are given the ability to put their personal touches, picking style, age, color and fabric.

The final result of the successful emergence are based on imagination and love, unconditional, that I give to my work in conjunction with the best materials in the world.

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