Greek Bride in a Beach on Pilio

An amazing bride by character , on an amazing beach , at an amazing place . We wish for her , all the best. Thank you for your trust Charintina.

Calliope Anemouli at work

The following video is actual work of Calliope Anemouli at work . To work with Calliope is an experience of life . This is what we call ” sew on to you ” CALLIOPE ANEMOULI AT WORK

Sew, Buy or Rent?

While you visit all the bridal shops , heard opinions and views of other brides, still have not found one single dress to write your name on it. You must first decide whether to buy it, rent it or sew it. If you decide to sew it, you should think about what designer you trust…

Chiffon Velvet

A new creation of Calliope Anemouli with Chiffon  Velvet

Women Body Shapes

The main issue in styling , is body shape . According to that , we make the choice for a clothing that enhances feminine appealing look . From left to right hourglass , pear , apple , triangle , rectangle . If you do not know your body shape then it is easy to make…

Let see , now what?

               Photo by Interior Door & Closet Company | Los Angeles, CA – More traditional home design photos In order to help the women , solve an eternal problem , what to wear and when. For a successful appearance , Calliope Anemouli is now available for style consulting . The cornerstone for this is to…

Lace in Daylight

Is it possible to be trendy , glamorous and chic in the same time, in pure daylight? One of the ideas is to use silk dresses and outfit . What about the lace ? If you use it the right way you may create wonderful things . Calliope Anemouli , with one of her creation…

Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki Welcome Magazine

I must thank  , all of the developers , publishers and production managers for the wonderful presentation of my profile on the welcome magazine , for the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki Hotel 25 edition , with the title “Creativity in the detail”.